Focus on Art and the meaning of it all !

For the time being I am working five days a week within the mental health side of my work life. This is a challenge for me since I really like to have at least some time during the week to devote to the practice of Art and creativity. Having said this ,I must say that I am trying to identify the flow of creativity in everything I do.

Everyday I am reminded of the importance of people finding their meaning and purpose in life and I am more and more intrigued by how resourceful they can be . Even in the face of dire mental health restrictions and emotional trauma , when people come together and share their experiences something else takes over , a creative sense of common humanity.

Last night I went to see Brian Cox talk about, life , the universe, the big bang and the end of the world. I came out of the theatre with an odd sense of hope and awe. The massive projections of the latest space photos of Saturn and her moons, the 12 minute run through of the development of life on this planet , all of this and more made me decide a few things.

1. We are very lucky to be here and we need to use our time creatively and peacefully

2. Our lives are at once meaningless, miniscule and insignificant as well as mighty, magnificent and meaningful.

3.I need to do some more universe oil paintings !

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