What am I up to ?

2018 was a busy year with a lot of 'mixed' stuff for me personally.... but 2019 !!!! well !!!

What am I doing?

I am still working therapeutically and enjoying a mixture of teaching and support in the mental health field. I am very excited to be working on developing some personal projects in this area and will update you when I have more information.

I have taught myself how to create Youtube videos of myself drawing and painting and am regularly updating these through my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bevartanddesign

You can also find me on Youtube directly by putting my name into the search.

It has been a funny old journey finding out that I really don't like to see myself on a screen and telling myself not to be such a twit !!! I have been able to rig up a very temporary studio which does the trick and captures my drawings as I do them. It shows my hands at work (Im happy with my hands !) I have even learnt how to add royalty free music (mostly electronic... so very sorry if it is not really your genre !)

My personal artwork has veered towards the natural history area. I have finally finished my Kingfisher picture and submitted it to the Association of Animal Artists Spring exhibition https://associationofanimalartists.com

So please get along to look at the work if you happen to live near Chester I have heard that the quality of work is utterly fantastic. I have no idea if my work will be shown at the exhibition but i have also submitted a small sketchbook with my gratitude blog pictures and I hope that might be on display. Wish me luck.

I am hoping to get some workshops together this year which focus on the therapeutic aspects of a regular sketching practice. I have been lucky enough to be included , with the help of the SAA in a craft magazine article http://msgfocus.com/files/amf_immediate_media/workspace_2/Central_Form_Assets/Digital_Downloads/WCW_2019/WCW19_Final_singles.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2FkVh2J-GSvEmKBeWaPpnmHS4OM3wFoRuJ-XvbduPFw-Gv50Yety3_8Zk

I am no 28 on the list xx

I continue to care for my lovely pets , in particular Spike the Bearded Dragon shown here amongst my very disorganised collection of stuff. He is definitely my Muse ! I am working on a picture of him for the summer SAA exhibition so watch this space.

Thank you for reading my blog to this point. I really appreciate your support and interest. BIG KISS x

Tel. 07929355861  : beverleyhaines@btinternet.com

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